Tuneable Tenor Low D Whistle (DX102) by Tony Dixon

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Tuneable Tenor Low D Whistle (DX102) by Tony Dixon

This Tony Dixon Tenor/Low Whistle has an ABS Whistle head in the key of D and is tuneable. Having the aluminium body gives it a lovely deep bass whistle tone; Very easy to tune with good seals on the tuning slide.

The soprano/high version is DX006.

Getting to grips with the Low D Whistle As a beginner, learning to hold, blow and play my new Tuneable Tenor Low D Whistle I find the beginners lessons on youtube invaluable. For me, I have some difficulty with my thumbs slipping/sliding on the smooth finish of the aluminum tube. However it is improving with practice and with applying a moisturiser such as Silcock's Base or Aqueous Cream to my hands before practicing helps.