Thomastik Spirocore 4/4 Cello String Set

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  • Set of Strings Known as 'The Reference Standard'
  • Popular for Their Distinctive Tone & Flexible Playability
  • Long Lasting and Highly Responsive
  • Suitable for Versatile Musicians Who Need Reliable Strings
  • Flexible Multi Wire Spiral Rope Core & Chrome Steel Winding
  • The Thomastik Spirocore 4/4 Cello Set offers unique tones and flexible playability which are both qualities suited to versatile musicians. The flexible multi wire spiral rope cores are made from a high tensile steel which yields balanced tones full of clarity. The chrome steel winding adds brightness to the overall sound and comfort during play. The 4/4 strings are capable of producing an elongated stretch of musical vibrations whilst also largely reducing inertia. Featuring a medium tension gauge which offers optimum versatility and is ideal for players who wish to concentrate the sound on their own playing style. These strings all have ball ends which are suitable for musicians who require a reliable sound that maintains its voice over time.