Harbison 100 Irish Harp Easy Session Tunes Vol 4

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Volume 4 in the Harbison 100 series.

Easy (Intermediate Level) arrangements of 20 of the 100 best known Irish dance tunes played in a session.


Tunes in this volume:

Barndances : Lucy Farr’s & Paddy Killoran’s; 
Polkas : The Rattlin’ Bog, Walsh’s & Did You See My Darling James?;
March : The High Kings of Laois; 
Slides : The Coolea & The Dingle Regatta; 
Slip Jigs : Barney Brallaghan & The Humours of Whiskey; 
Hornpipes : Pretty Maggie Morrissey & The Boys of Blue Hill; 
Jigs : Haste to the Wedding, Morrison’s & The Shandon Bells; 
Reels : Come West Along the Road, The Star of Munster & Over the Moor to Maggie;
Set Dance : King of the Fairies.