D'Addario EJ38H Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings 10-27 High Strung Tuning

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EJ38H phosphor bronze guitar strings are designed for "High Strung" or "Nashville" tuning methods to offer a "jangly" 12-string affect when recording, layering, or double-tracking guitars. 

  • Designed and gauged for "High Strung" or "Nashville" tuning methods
  • Phosphor Bronze, preferred for its warm, bright, and well balanced acoustic tone
  • Environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant packaging for strings that are always fresh
  • Made in the U.S.A. for the highest quality and performance
  • String Gauges: Plain Steel .010, .014, .009, .012, .018. Phosphor Bronze Wound .027
  • Instrument 6-String Acoustic Guitar
    Gauge Range 10 - 27
    Gauges 10 , 14 , 9p , 12 , 18 , 27 (plain 3rd)