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An ye had been where I have been you would not been so canty --
Peacock's reel --
Sir Sidney Smith's strathspey --
Sir John Fenwick --
Mary Scott, or, Sir John Fenwick --Mary Scott the flower of Yarrow --
Fy let us awa to the bridal --
Gang to the ky wi me --
Piper's maggot --
John Cuthbertson's fancy --
Lairds of Ryton, or, All the company's comin, & maw canny hinny's amang them --
Newcastle hornpipe --
New Bridge hornpipe --
Fairly shot on her --
Lord Cathcart's welcome to Scotland --
Juliana --
Morgiana --
Morgiana in Ireland --
Morgiana in Spain --
Morgiana in Wales --
Bannocks of beer meal --
Oh my nanny --
Miss Denton's fancy --
Opera hat --
The Pantheon cottillon --
The Mitford Galloway, or, Ranting roaring Willy --
Gin ye winna take me ye may let me be --
New road to Tynemouth --
The New Tyne Bridge --
South Shields lasses --
Shields Fair --
Bewick's hornpipe --
The shepherd's hornpipe --
Cock up your beaver --
Berwick Johnny --
Tweedside --
Alloa House --
Fairy dance --
Highland whiskey --
Bonny Dundee --
I'll have her awa in spite of her minny --
Blackett of Wylam --
Wap at the widow my laddie --
Little wat ye wha's coming --
Shutter's hornpipe --
Persian dance --
German spa --
Sweet as sugar candy --
Hoop her and gird her --
Tyrolese waltz --
Gateshead waltz.