Hohner Piano-Accordion Atlantic 120 bass, IV voices, Black

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When it comes to pop and rock music, a strong, clear sound is important to not be overpowered by drums and guitars. Incidentally, all instruments should be versatile enough to play both lead and rhythm – everyone who’s been to a rock show knows, at some point the audience will demand a drum solo. The Atlantic IV 120 is the double octave accordion, and meets these requirements without problem. Its crisp, loud sound matches the guitar, complements the bass, and thanks to the good articulation it can even follow a drum roll. Perfect for advanced players, it makes a good figure both in practice and on stage, solo and in an orchestra.

Piano Keys: 41
Number of notes: 41, F - A
Class: chromatic
Voices: 4
Number of registers: 11
Tone colors: 11
Standard basses: 120
Standard bass voices: 4
Standard bass registers: 3
Size: 48 cm x 18.5 cm / 18.9” x 7.3”
Weight: 10 kg
Color: black
Reed plate quality: standard