Ashbury Style E Celtic Cittern, 10 string

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The Cittern used by today's folk-bands has its ancestors in the renaissance Citterns and the English Guitar, but it is now more closely related to the flat-back Bouzouki - the main difference being that the Cittern has 10 strings in 5 courses, a slightly shorter neck and often a rather larger body. There doesn't seem to be a standard tuning, ADADA, ADGAD, or DGDAD, are in common use.

Ashbury Style E Celtic Cittern, 10 string - Solid Alaskan Sitka Spruce top, solid sapele body, designed by Phil Davidson

  • 3 ply neck, hardwood fingerboard, bridge & peghead plate
  • Hardwood binding, 3ply wood rosette, buffalo bone nut and saddle
  • Strap end pin. The hardwood is Senna Siamea a locally sourced wood in Vietnam.