101 Session Tunes Phillipe barnes

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101 Session Tunes is an essential collection of the most populartraditional tunes found in Irish sessions, perfect for new players or thoselooking to expand their repertoire.This book aims to provide readers with a complete resource they cantake to a folk music gathering anywhere in the world and be certainthey’ll have lots to play that others there will know.It’s suitable for all, from a beginner to an intermediate or moreadvanced standard and can be played on any instrument. Making it agreat collection for fiddle players, flute and whistle players, box playersand banjo players alike!With a focus on jigs and reels as the most commonly played tunes, itincludes a range of key signatures for variation. Chords are also added toeach tune so the collection can be used as a complete manual for playingIrish music and traditional tunes with others.Compiled by husband and wife duo Ali Barnes - Fiddle (Licence to Ceilidh)and Philippe Barnes - Flute, Whistles, Pipes, Guitar (Crossharbour, TheDave Munnelly Band, The Wilderness Yet), the couple have used theircollective experience as traditional musicians to both catalogue theirfavourite popular tunes, but also the most common phrasing andvariations of these tunes too. In the hope of creating a useful companionfor any musician looking to play in a folk music session for the first time,or those just looking to increase their database of trad tunes!