The Call of Home, Ian Robertson
A l'avenir!
Air For Jill
Alan Paterson Of Berne
Ask No More
Auntie's Jig
Awkward Customer
Aylesbury Fiddle Rally Anniversary March
Buckland March
Call Of Home
Castle Steps
Dance In The Dark
Dr Andrew Paterson Of Redland
Dundry Hill
Five Mark Peace
Folly Jig
Gimme The Dots
Ginger's Reel
Half A World Away
Judith's Waltz
Lament For Janet
Life, Love And Loss
Master Thomas
McGugans Of Grouville
Memories Of Jimmy Thom
Mischief Right Enough
Moving Up
Nose In The Night
One That Got Away
Ostler's Field
Other Left
Parting Shot
Perth Place
Plastered Again
Poppy Fields Strathspey
Reel Of Hope
Resolution Jig
Riding The Wave
Silhouette Strathspey
Silver Birch Strathspey
Song For A Restless Boy
Two's Company Two-Step
Wesley Harry
When Reality Dawns
Winds Of Crantock