Contrary Contra - Colin Andrews
DANCES Formation
The Whitestone Jig Sicilian Circle
Honiton Lace Square Set
Waves of Tavy Sicilian Circle variation
Jacob's Ladder Longways, 'Bucksaw Reel' formation
The Square Peg Square Set + 1 extra person
Pilton Potions Circle for 5 couples
A.K.A. the Totter Longways for 3 couples
A Will And A Way Longways, duple minor
Reed Hall Sicilian Circle
Circle Line to Sloane Square Longways for 4 couples
St. John's Jig Sicilian Circle Threesome
The Sandford Squire Square Set
The Contrary Contra Longways, improper.
Drake's Circus Big Circle
Horseshoe Pass Special formation, 7 persons
String of Pearls Longways, 'Bucksaw Reel' formation
Dartmoor Rambler Sicilian Circle
Cogs and Wheels Square Set
The Oxo Cube Long Square for 6 couples
Salcombe Heights Circle for 5 or 6 threesomes
The Square Rigged Ship Square Set
The Charleton Kings Long Square for 6 couples
Princetown Longways, for 4 couples
Hydon Seek Longways, 'Bucksaw Reel' formation
Madcaptains Longways, for 4 couples
Three Leaf Clover Sicilian Circle Threesome
Princetown 32 bar reel, for set dance
Madcaptains 32 bar reel, for set dance
Torre Abbey 32 bar reel, 2nd tune for Madcaptains set dance
Cat Amongst The Pigeons 48 bar jig
Cabbage Patch Capers 48 bar jig
The Orphans 40 bar jig
Jockey To The Pharoah 40 bar jig
Hunting The Hare/Nans O'r Felin (Welsh trad.) 24 bar jigs